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Project Description
This project is part of the the Microsoft Open Specification effort.
The purpose of the project is to publish Network Monitor (Netmon) capture files that match scenarios described in the System Overview Documents (SysDocs) published at MSDN under Windows Protocols/Overview.
at . For more information about setting up Netmon with the parsers and using the capture files see UsingTheSystemDocumentCaptures.docx

Guide to the Releases
Netmon captures for each different System Overview Document will have its own release as a ZIP file name by the "short name" of the System Overview Document and a version number corresponding to that version of the System Overview Document as listed in the Revision Summary at the start of the document. For example

The list of most currently supported docs with scenarios is System Overview Document Scenario Captures

Capture files and support files for MS-WMI MS-WMI

A download of Windows Management Information Base files is available here Management Information Base Files

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